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Cycling Ink, Clothing Apparel For Cyclist - About us

About twelve years ago I was heading towards middle age and I looked and felt the part.Cycling Ink T-Shirt Staff I have a job that is semi sedentary, with lots of travel away from home that does not always lend itself to healthy eating. I tried exercising but never stuck with it.  Then, one day, I decided to take my old (Walmart)bike off the wall in the garage. I dusted it off, pumped up the tires, and started riding.  A little at first, and then more and more.  I loved getting outside in the world and feeling my stress melt away. While I was riding I would notice groups of cyclists flying past me. It looked like a lot of fun, but I was never sure if I could really do that. I promised myself if I kept riding for a full year, I would buy a nice bike, and maybe someday join a group ride. A year later I had achieved that goal, and many years, many bikes, many miles, many groups and friends later, I can say cycling changed my life.  I'm fit, healthy, happy, and officially a cyclist.  Cycling Ink clothing is about sharing that experience; Letting people know your passion. Start a conversation, get another person hooked on our life saving addiction.  Maybe one more person will be able to say, "ya, I'm a cyclist." Oh, and please let them know where to get the t-shirt.