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Some great blogs for winter reading.

Wintertime is a great time to catch up on reading. Even for the hardy souls that ride through the winter months (not talking about the people in Florida) it seems like the sun comes up at noon and goes down again at two in the afternoon, leaving little time to ride.  The good news is there are a ton of great blogs available to read today.  Fellow cyclist with a flair for writing, who can put into words what it is we feel and experience out on the road.  I’ve found six blogs that I really enjoy and highly recommend.  Here they are with a few reasons why you should give them a read. Julie is just a girl and a bike.  Like me, Julie has not been riding her entire life.  She brings a great perspective of someone who's life was changed after she discovered cycling.  Her posts are almost always inspiring, showing everyone the impossible is possible.  One of my favorite posts is titled, “When you know its time to push.”   This blog is written by a London cyclist. It has plenty of useful tips, but read it for just the sheer enjoyment of it.  Many posts like the one on riding in the morning will transport you to an early morning ride with the breaking dawn and all that it encompasses. Kent Peterson is a long distance cyclist, mechanic, bicycle advocate, and all around interesting human being.  Lots of posts from over the years that cover everything about bikes from commuting, riding, repairing, advocacy and general enjoyment of them.  I like some of the early posts like “A math question” and I really enjoy the current (Nov 2016) post, “Made with extra love.”  The  blog is also filled with lots of great pictures. Matt is a self described “overweight cyclist” from southern Illinois.  His writing is very real and honest which draws you in to reading post after post. I also like it because he's a fellow Illinois guy and even had a post on our local “Tour de Corn” ride in Chatham IL.  He also decided to take a vacation in Duluth, ironic because my wife and i just recently did the same thing. Its a great city by the way. It seems cycling blogs are dominated by Europeans and, I’ll admit, I was trying to include mainly U.S. blogs, but the Lovely Bike is too good not to include. (And she did live in the U.S. for a while.) This is an extremely well done blog. This is the discovery channel for cyclists, but I think (idk) it is done by one person.  Great posts with great pictures, interesting and relevant.  Look for great posts like “The last house.” Mark’s cycling and hiking blog.  The first word that comes to mind from this blog is pictures.  Lots of great pictures of ordinary cyclists on fun group rides.  For anyone who rides on fast group rides with people who have more than the average amount of testosterone and personality, read “First April New Albany.”  I think I have been on this ride before.

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