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Riding a bike and the joy of cycling... really nothing to do with t-shirts

I really enjoy cycling, especially on those days when the wheels seems to just roll fast, pedaling is effortless.  If you can combine that with moderate temperatures, good friends, and a beautiful sunny day... well that's just cycling nirvana.    It's those days that sustain you, that make it all worth while.  They carry you through those days of wind and cold and hills and pain.  They carry through those days when you're tired and would prefer to relax and pour a glass of beer, but instead you mount the bike.  Like a drug addict looking for the feeling of that first high, you climb back on the bike  and ride.  For me riding is almost always enjoyable; Even on those days when its not, its good knowing I'm getting stronger for the next ride that will be enjoyable.  Riding in a group or riding by yourself is an energizing, recharging, soul fulfilling endeavor.  It's easy sometimes to get caught up with the bike, and gear and clothes, but at the end of the day its just you and the great outdoors, living a fulfilling and rewarding life. 

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