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New year, new miles, fresh start cycling

2017 is here and we can put 2016 mileage in the books.  In 2016 I had a goal of 5000 miles. I made my goal, and a little more, and was happy I did so.  However, this year, I'm not going to make a mileage goal.  Instead, I'm going to make a goal to be in the moment while I'm on my rides, and to enjoy them more.  Let's face it, the goal has little effect on when or how much I get to ride.  Its a number I've pulled out of thin air based on what I think my schedule (which I have little control of) will allow.  Some years I make my goal, and some years I don't.  Either way, it has little effect on me after December 31st, other than to make me feel like I've failed if I didn't make it.  So this year, ride when you can. Live it, enjoy it, be in the moment, and have no regrets.  Hope to see you out on the bike in '17.  Cycling Ink

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