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Riding a bike and the joy of cycling... really nothing to do with t-shirts

I really enjoy cycling, especially on those days when the wheels seems to just roll fast, pedaling is effortless.  If you can combine that with moderate temperatures, good friends, and a beautiful sunny day... well that's just cycling nirvana.    It's those days that sustain you, that make it all worth while.  They carry you through those days of wind and cold and hills and pain.  They carry through those days when you're tired and would prefer to relax and pour a glass of beer, but instead you mount the bike.  Like a drug addict looking for the feeling of...

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The shear fun of going fast!

Going fast on anything is a formula of power, weight and aerodynamics.  More power, combined with the least amount of weight, with lowest amount of aerodynamic friction will result with the fastest forward speed. Power: Cyclists that want to go fast, will train hard and often work on the power portion of this equation, building the strongest engine they can. If your smart, you work on all aspects of your power; shear muscle strength, muscle endurance, quick muscle power and of course cardio and nutrition to support those muscles. To improve cardio most cyclists could train smarter by mixing in...

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Angry Birds... I mean Riders

Angry Birds... Riders Group rides can be large and its’ members can be diverse.  When you show up at a group ride you better have your big boy pants on and be ready to deal with a variety of personalities.  We all probably know several people that eventually say enough is enough and they start their own group, or they just ride by themselves.  They might have just experienced one too many angry outbursts from a fellow rider. What is it that gets cyclists so upset?  Well there are a variety of triggers.  A sure fire way to annoy a...

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Cycling as a spectator sport

Several years ago while attending Amgen Tour of California I made the declaration, “I will never again travel to see a bike race.”  Don’t get me wrong, I love bike racing.  I love every year when its time for the spring classics.  It signals the end of winter and the beginning of spring.  Time to get serious on training, get out and ride.  The classics are beautiful and fun to watch.  Later in the year when its time for Le Tour, well, it means weeks of entertaining and enjoyable watching.  Of course, it’s not like watching a soccer or football...

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Some great blogs for winter reading.

Wintertime is a great time to catch up on reading. Even for the hardy souls that ride through the winter months (not talking about the people in Florida) it seems like the sun comes up at noon and goes down again at two in the afternoon, leaving little time to ride.  The good news is there are a ton of great blogs available to read today.  Fellow cyclist with a flair for writing, who can put into words what it is we feel and experience out on the road.  I’ve found six blogs that I really enjoy and highly recommend. ...

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